Eliminate SARS-CoV-2 from our Bodies,
Homes and Communities.

With High-Efficiency Masks

the virus

cannot replicate,

cannot mutate,

cannot harm us.

Cut the primary routes of transmission.

Cut the primary routes of transmission

Proper masking filters airborne particles being inhaled and exhaled through the nose and mouth.

Mainstream masking efforts are too leaky

Mainstream masking efforts are too leaky

Cloth masks and masks with improper seal and fit do not filter the air inhaled and exhaled efficiently enough.

Non-linear benefits if collective action is there

More people using proper masks would accelerate the progress in reaching zero community transmission.

Preventative protection from the unknown

The coming variants may be more infectious than strains present today.

How leaky is your mask?


How to selectusedecontaminate PPE?

PPE Selection

Knowing what types of PPE you need to wear, and when, can make lifesaving differences. Click here to find a quick guide on the best types of PPE for you.


PPE Usage

Knowing how to properly use a reusable respirator is just as important as owning one. Click here for advice on how to put on, remove and store your reusable respirator.


PPE Decontamination

Wondering how to efficiently clean your respirators? Click here to find memorable tips to ensure you are always handling and wearing a clean respirator.


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