Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) remains one of the most promising factors to eliminate the COVID-19 pandemic. It could also reduce disease severity and ensure that a more significant proportion of new infections are asymptomatic. shares information on proper selection, usage, and PPE decontamination.

To drive COVID-19 cases to #Go2Zero as quickly as possible and keep them there.

PPEHOTLINE focuses on promoting the use of High-Efficiency personal protective equipment (PPE) by providing accessible information on the selection, usage, and decontamination of PPE. We do this to empower the general public in making informed and health-conscious decisions. We aim to stop the spread of COVID-19 and through that, prevent greater harm on communities and individuals.

Our approach focuses on the unique advantage of properly utilizing PPE which can result in effective prevention. High-efficiency PPE, when consistently used alongside social distancing and proper hand hygiene, is an effective and efficient safety measure in lowering exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and getting cases to #Go2Zero.

We utilize the Hub and Spokes content strategy to create easily absorbed content. Our content is shared for free without holding non-commercial intellectual property rights, premised on a community based marketing strategy. We aim to empower communities to locally produce reusable and high-efficiency PPE. This will secure the supply of certified PPE for frontline healthcare workers. In the future we plan on launching the “PPE Recommender” to help move our mission forward of promoting proper PPE usage.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

― Nelson Mandela

Meet The Team

Rami Barelli


Rami is an entrepreneur in the for-profit and nonprofit space who specializes in IT and finance. He also plays an active role in supporting founders and managers as an adviser, board member, and seed investor across a number of organizations and industries. Further, Rami has served as board member for a number of private and public corporations. His latest nonprofit project is SHAMIM, a network of various platforms seeking to combat socio-political and societal challenges through the use of technology and innovative schools of thought.

Tammy Spain, PhD, PMP


Dr. Spain holds a PhD in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University and has 13 years of past experience setting up and managing BSL2 laboratories for government and industry. Dr. Spain is also a member of the National Biodefense Science Board in the US Department of Health and Human Services advising on preparedness and response policies for intentional and natural medical emergencies due to infectious diseases. As an occupation, Tammy Spain is a certified Project Management Professional in pharmaceutical development for Paragon BioTeck, Inc.

Charles Ding

Intern, Research and Content Specialist 

Charles Ding is an incoming freshman at USC, majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and is a Research and  Content Specialist Intern with PPEHOTLINE. He currently serves as a Speaker Series Team Leader for the nonprofit education platform CovEducation, organizing and presenting virtual workshops to empower K-12 students through curiosity-driven education during the nation-wide shutdowns. He has conducted research in malaria pathogenesis as well as protein food science, and has facilitated a Hand Hygiene Program at a local hospital to improve staff hygiene practices and reduce hospital-borne illnesses. In the future, he aspires to tackle the racial disparities and stereotypes embedded in the healthcare system.

Jeremy Rossman, PhD


Jeremy Rossman is a virologist, an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Virology at the University of Kent in the UK and President of the non-profit organisation, Research-Aid Networks. Dr Rossman has conducted collaborative interdisciplinary research on the molecular biology of pandemic-causing viruses, international epidemic responses, evidence-based humanitarian aid and science education.

Cory Levine

Brand Designer

Cory Levine served as an editorial staffer for Marvel Comics where he edited hundreds of publications before departing to establish First Edition, a publishing creative services agency. Cory is the writer and co-creator of the graphic novel Bowery Boys: Our Fathers, published by Dark Horse Comics. He is the cartoonist behind DEN-TOR!: The Barbarian Hygienist, and his writing has been published by VIZ Media and Fulcrum Publishing. He teaches graphic design at the Institute of Art & Design at New England College.

Siji Joseph

Research and Content Specialist 

Siji Joseph is a masters student, reading in Cancer Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics. She previously worked as a clinical trial assistant and later as project coordinator for a contract research organisation, focusing mainly on investigational medicinal products in phase II/III trials of various solid cancers. Prior to this, she completed her scientific bachelors’ degree in Medical Biochemistry. She has spent a year in Germany, carrying out research in rare brain cancers, allowing for practise in a range of biochemical and molecular laboratory techniques. Siji is also fond on promoting global health, taking a keen interest in refugee access to health and advocating for humanitarian organisations who ensure medicinal education and access to all.

Alborz Mirzaie

Research and Content Specialist 


Alborz Mirzaie is a student of public health, expected to matriculate in the fall of 2021. He is a returned Peace Corps volunteer, having served in Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho as an HIV/AIDS community health worker. There, he conducted community needs’ assessments for the catchment area of the village health center he was based in; he collaborated with community stakeholders, including village elders, teachers, farmers/herdsmen, and adolescent clubs, to push for interventions based on localism. Before joining the Peace Corps, Alborz received his bachelor’s degree in public health from UC Berkeley and began his volunteerism in Uganda at the Bududa clinic. He is an avid santoor player and posts essays on his personal website.

Linda Harmaala

Graphic Designer

Linda Harmaala is a London-based freelance graphic designer and design consultant, with a keen interest in the narrative and function of design; how design outcomes form stories and meaning through different mediums and combinations of visuals, text and interaction. In her latest projects, she has delved into the user interface side of design and has developed methods for a smooth user experience journey through using information architecture, alongside visual and textual hierarchy.

Josh Farden

Content Editor

Joshua A. Farden is an independent essayist from Western Canada, has been published in Areo, and is an avoider of self-indulgence.

Nicolas Smit

Elastomeric Respirator Awareness Campaign Leader

Nicolas Smit is a Canadian engineer from Sudbury, Ontario. He has been working to get elastomeric respirators into the hands of health care workers around the world. He was able to get the Canadian government to officially recommend elastomeric respirators as safe N95 alternatives, get PPE donations from manufacturers and corporations to those in need around the world, to raise awareness around key issues that the public does not properly understand, has helped unions in their legal fight against the government to increase protections for health care workers and has helped connect manufacturers to stakeholders to help millions of people stay safe from Covid.

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