Quick Facts

  • The acquisition of medical grade PPE by informed individuals stresses the healthcare workers supply chain.

  • Authorities haven’t made an adequate effort to produce high efficiency Respirators for the public.

  • An effective supply chain for high efficiency respirators can be organized at a local level.

  • We intend to help with the production of reusable high-efficiency PPE at a community level.

According to health care officials and manufacturing industries, global PPE shortages for Healthcare personnel and first responders could persist for years without strategic government intervention.

Many officials withheld the truth about the effectiveness of masks in combating SARS-CoV-2 in March 2020 and we’re still witnessing how people are left in the dark about the benefits of high-efficiency PPE.

As a result of supply shortages, those continuing to acquire PPE with a high filtration efficiency to protect themselves and their families worsened the logistical challenges even many months after the coronavirus outbreak. The increasing COVID-19 cases and increased purchasing of proper PPE might even crash the system.

Premised on three community-based programs, PPEHOTLINE intends to help to ensure an effective high-efficiency PPE supply chain for people.

Comparable to our computers, when a virus enters our body, it strives to turn the cell it lands on to reproduce itself. Do you allow viruses to enter your computer, then merely fix or remove the operating system upon infection?